Change of pace

Same old stuff never ends….. true?

This is my first post after a very long silence. Without going into detail, I had to review some aspects of my life and make some changes. So here I am, back home, trying to find my way around a place I haven’t truly lived in more than five years and seeing it with totally different eyes. Everyone keeps asking me “So how is it? What does it feel like to be back?”. Truth is, I don’t know! It feels weird: it’s home but I feel like a stranger and, most of all, I have to find my own routine again, my own little comfort zone. Let’s just say it’s still a blank canvas. I know I have the colours in the corner somewhere so I’ll start painting soon.

But for now, please bear with me.. I’ll go back and forth with posts, I have a couple of recipes developed in London and already a few nice pictures of Italy to show you and -drum roll- my very own guest post on the way! I won’t reveal too much about it. I’ll just say it’s not UK- and it’s not Italy-inspired so stay tuned!

So while enjoying the colours of Autumn and welcoming the fog to wrap the coldest hours, I’ll leave you with a few shots I took in Cesenatico, a place on the Adriatic seaside, very close to my heart and two hours away from home. And if you fancy snooping a bit, maybe you can find something of your liking in here.


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