Con i piedi fermi nella tradizione della Bassa Reggiana ma la testa tra luoghi diversi e cucine alternative, nel tempo libero sperimento tra macchina fotografica e fornelli.

Questo piccolo angolo racchiude la semplicità che vivo ogni giorno, rendendolo ogni volta un po’ più speciale.

Ho deciso di condividerlo con voi sperando che, eventualmente, quest’angolino possa donarvi un sorriso.

Every time someone asks me to describe myself I come up with a different answer. There is probably one word that would give you the gist though: Italian. That simple. Despite many years spent in London where I was trying to hide it at first, I can say I am still the classic Italian: I will give you that look if you dare to put cream in your Carbonara and I honestly think nothing beats my mum’s rosette.

I am no chef but I truly enjoy cooking. I am no artist but I deeply enjoy photography. I am no writer so I will try to keep it short and to the point.

This little corner encloses the simple things I experience, making my day a little bit more special. I would like to share them with you hoping some of them will make you smile.

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