Pasta with peanut pesto and seared baby plum tomatoes

This is my very first post about pasta. Pasta was born as the dish of the poor. It is an every day dish, so imbued with tradition that every region, city and town along the Boot have their very own forte born from their very own land. Sometimes, the same shape has different names depending [...]


Chickpeas and chard side

A very simple side dish for your middle week dinners or a light lunch for the office, this salad is crunchy, sweet and makes a wonderful complement for tuna or goat cheese. Ingredients 1 tin chickpeas 5 large Swiss chard leaves a bunch of toasted pumpkin or butternut squash seeds 1 carrot 1 avocado salt, [...]

Butternut squash ratatouille with basil and balsamic vinegar

Feeds 2 The other day I got my very first delivery from Abel & Cole, an award winning company delivering organic farm produce to your door. The one thing I truly miss in London is real flavours. Since most of fruit and vegetables are imported and mass-produced so that they can be available all year [...]