Little buns of goodness   Morning mini muffins   The fluffiest pancakes   Ricotta pancakes with blueberries and orange zest   All in breakfast bars    Jamie’s Eggy Bread    Carrot and Almond Muffins


Ze fish pie   Butternut squash ratatouille with basil and balsamic vinegar    Fluffy egg muffins   Chickpeas and chard side    Pasta with peanut pesto and seared baby plum tomatoes    Cod fillet with garlic, rosemary and sun-dried tomatoes   Slow-cooked pork shoulder   Welsh Lamb alla Romana    My mum’s stuffed peppers    Ginger butternut squash roast


Greek yogurt and citrus cake   Peanut butter and Nutella muffins   The almighty banana bread    Chestnut Cake   Almond butter and dark chocolate cupcakes   Spiced pear muffins   Lemony mascarpone loaf   Mixed berries and white chocolate muffins    Almonds and Banana Bread    The healthiest cookies on the planet – Take 1    Very nutty Spelt Banana Bread    Kanellbullar    Honey candied citrus peel    Gooey citrus and Mascarpone cake


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