Con i piedi fermi nella tradizione della Bassa Reggiana ma la testa tra luoghi diversi e cucine alternative, nel tempo libero sperimento tra macchina fotografica e fornelli, riportando qui i miei piccoli esperimenti.

Mi occupo anche di fotografia di Food ed Interni. Oltre che sui vari social, mi trovate anche per email:

Every time someone asks me to describe myself I come up with a different answer. There is probably one word that would give you the gist though: Italian. That simple. Despite many years spent in London where I was trying to hide it at first, I can say I am still the classic Italian: I will give you that look if you dare to make carbonara with cream and I honestly think nothing beats my mum’s rosette.

I am no chef but I truly enjoy cooking. I am no artist but I deeply enjoy photography. I am no writer so I will try to keep it short and to the point.

This little corner encloses the simple things I experience, making my day a little bit more special. I would like to share them with you hoping some of them will make you smile.

I also do Food and Interior photography for hospitality businesses. If interested, or for everything and anything else you can contact me at


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