Carrot and Almond Muffins

A lighter way to start your day.

Scorrete in fondo per la ricetta in italiano.

My best friend was supposed to come over on Saturday night. We hadn’t seen each other in a while so we were determined to have a good time. Problem: the next day I would be working at a swimming competition for the whole day and she’d play a waterpolo match at lunchtime. We needed something to bring with us and get us going when the last thing we’d want is having to swap the bed for a hot, humid, loud environment and the head is not cooperating.


This recipe is extremely easy to make. Plus there are no fatty ingredients in it (apart from the almond meal), only good proteins and good carbs, making it even better for you. These muffins are so light and tasty, they really are good at any time.

Unfortunately, my friend didn’t manage to come down and I behaved enough to have a decent amount of sleep. I brought some muffins for my colleagues on Sunday, thinking they would like to have them for breakfast. What a long day! Eventually we had them as a snack in the afternoon, when caffeine had no more effect on us and we still had half of the kids left to compete. These muffins literally saved us! Well.. Probably, anything would have at that point but at least we didn’t end up stuffing our faces with more coffee and sugar.


300gr Carrots, peeled
4 eggs
150gr Cane sugar
100gr Almond flour or meal
4tbs spelt flour
1ts Baking powder
Optional: sunflower seeds for topping


Set your oven to 180°C.
In a food processor, grind the carrots first, then add in eggs and sugar and pulse for a minute.
In a bowl, mix the processed ingredients with the two flours and the baking powder.
Pour the mix in your muffin tray and sprinkle with seeds.
Bake in the oven at 180°C for 10′, then at 160°C for 30′.


Questa è una variazione della ricetta di Simone Rugiati. Dal momento che non avevo mandorle in casa, ho usato la farina di mandorle e, visto che non mi piace usare zuccheri bianchi, ho usato lo zucchero di canna. Il risultato sono dei muffin buonissimi e leggeri, con i giusti carboidrati, grassi (pochissimissimi) e proteine, perfetti per iniziare la giornata con il piede giusto anche quando siamo un po’ di fretta.


300gr Carote, pelate
150gr Zucchero di canna
100gr Farina di mandorle
4 cucchiai farina di farro
1 dose di lievito per dolci
Opzione: semi di girasole in superficie


In un robot, tritate le carote, alle quali poi aggiungerete le uova e lo zucchero. Pulsate per un minuto.
Trasferite il composto in un contenitore, mescolandolo grossolanamente con le due farine e la dose.
Riempite le formine e cospargete con i semi di girasole.
Informate: cuocete a 180°C per 10′ poi abbassate la temperatura a 160°C e cuocete per 30′.




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