Sintra – day 2

All my colleagues said: “When you’re in Lisbon, have a pastel de nata at Pastéis de Belem and go to Sintra”. Yesterday we tried the pastel, eating it in the shade under a tree, today we got the train to visit the Castle of the Moors.

More uphills, more stairs.. Most of the times to reach your destination you must “turn right and go up”.. Just keep going up until you get to the top. And there is the most majestic view: the hinterland on one side and the Atlantic coast on the outher side.

Paths intertwine in the woods, slippery pebble trails shine under your feet, a cool breeze gives you joyful relief. Like a French man we crossed on the way up said “it’s hard work on your legs eh!” but so much worth it.

So worth it that once back in Lisbon you can finally have that well deserved Bolo de Bolacha.

ehm.. it seems I cought some sun!


All pictures are humbly taken with a mobile phone.


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