Lisbon – day 1


Three thousand exclamation marks. Some time ago we bought a scratch map and subsequently made some rules such as “we would only scratch a country if we both went there together” and “we would only scratch a country if we spent a whole day there… everything less doesn’t count”.

So this year we get to scratch Portugal. For someone with a slight OCD, this could be the most exciting part of a holiday.

For someone like me, who is trying to overcome their slight OCD, this is the time to let go and explore the narrow streets of Lisbon, bumping into the most variegated shops, climbing endless stairs in the summer heat and eating sardines with house red, followed by a glass of ginja -which sounds like British ginger – and ending up dancing with the crouds of Alfama, celebrating the Festa de Lisboa, sipping this year’s novidad caipirinha de maracujà.


All pictures are humbly taken with a mobile phone.


6 thoughts on “Lisbon – day 1

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      1. We went to Pastéis de Belem! Got one and ate it in the park in the shade of a tree 🙂 we are leaving for Setubal tomorrow, then the Algarve. I see you have many inspiring places on your blog I’ll definitely take a closer look! Any recommendations in particular?


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