Mixed Berries and White Chocolate Muffins

Say Thank You with these

The other week a friend took some time to help me through a very demanding process and I wanted to bake something to say thank you. What though? Muffins? Cookies? I wanted something special.. Something new but, at the same time, not risk it. After going through all the (maybe too many) options, I went for this. It was Milo’s pick. He sure has good taste.

Feeds 12 + a little extra

1 ¾ cup wholemeal flour
¾ cup coconut oil
1 cup light brown Muscovado sugar
3 eggs
3/4 cup buttermilk
2ts baking powder
1ts vanilla extract
80gr white chocolate
Frozen berries (roughly two handfuls or as many as you can fit)


Fluff up the flour, baking powder and salt with a fork and set aside.
Cream the coconut oil with the sugar with a hand mixer on high for around 3-4 minutes.
Now add one egg at a time, blending on medium after each one, and the vanilla extract.
Switch to a wooden spoon and incorporate the rest of the ingredients, alternating between one third of the dry mix and one third of the buttermilk, until well combined. Finally, add the white chocolate.
Fill your muffin cups and delicately place the berries into the mix trying not to push them to the bottom.
Bake at 180°C for 25′.


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