Slow cooked pork shoulder

When Thursdays become hard-core

Be messy with this one and experience all possible options. Wrap it up in a Chinese leaf or make a cous cous salad to go with it. Bread.. Oh you have to make bread! A quick flatbread, pitta, tortilla.. Baked potato crisps.. Be hearty, you can’t miss a single bit of pleasure. But be patient too, wait for the spices to sink in, put it on in the morning before leaving for work and be sure it’s going to be there ready for you in the evening. This tender, juicy piece of meat is so delicious you will never get tired of it. But please don’t spoil it with barbeque sauce because this is a whole other story……

All you need is 1,5kg pork shoulder, skin removed. This would be enough for four people I suppose but Milo and I are di bocca buona and literally devour it all. Greedy.

Start the night before. Season your pork shoulder well with salt and pepper, massage them in. In a bowl, have your spice mix at the ready: one tablespoon of paprika, Jamaican Jerk, garlic powder, cinnamon, dried thyme. Coat the meat and massage, massage, massage to the last granule.
Slice two limes in half. Drizzle the top with half of the juice, flip the piece, drizzle with the other half. Place in the fridge overnight, tightly wrapped in clingfilm. Yes, squeeze the limes in.
In the morning, simply remove the clingfilm, place all in the slow cooker, cover with salted water or vegetable broth and set to low.


© Cristina Bertani

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