This is no point-and-shoot

A different lens for a windy day


We went to Greenwich on Saturday and I decided to dig out my Lensbaby. It was a present from Milo and I had used it only once before but I had lost my excitement very quickly. I don’t like following instructions and prefer when things are straightforward. If I don’t get it from the beginning and my efforts aren’t paid back, the chapter is closed.

The peculiarity of this lens is that it’s a manual focus tilt-shift lens delivering a glowing effect on the edges. The smaller the f/x, the bigger the affected portion of your picture. All these big words to say that you have to put every ounce of eye’s strength into that tiny circle to measure the exact focus. The aperture is controlled by manually interchangeable discs. That day I had only my f/2.8 disc and wanted to shoot people playing in the snow. When I realised that obtaining precise focusing and sharp subjects was as hard as one of the Twelve Labours I gave up.

Somehow, though, this remained an unfinished business…

On Saturday, armed with all my little discs and determined to learn the secrets without losing my hopes, I’ve finally managed to have decent shots. But more is yet to be discovered… I promise I won’t give up this time.

If anyone of you has a Lensbaby and wants to share feedback or advice please do, I look forward to hearing more about these lenses!

© Cristina Bertani

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