Cod fillet with garlic, rosemary and sun-dried tomatoes

Friday is a good day for fish and have something light before the weekend.

This is my first day back in London after a week at home. If you know what I baked last Friday with my grandparents you might guess the kind of diet I’ve been following. Now -as boring as this may sound- I really fancy something easy and possibly carb-free so I thought about this recipe. I made it a few weeks back for Hester and Milo after adapting it from Bon Appetit and it was a success.
Friday is a good day for fish and having something light before the weekend. If you happen to have a good piece of cod, haddock or any other thick cut of white fish in your fridge, take it out now and cook this very tasty dish with some roasted veggies (sweet potatoes!!) on the side.
Spring is finally there (lucky you) and you’re fed up with roasting? A fresh baby leaves salad is also a very good option.


500 gr de-boned cod fillet, thick, possibly with skin
3 garlic cloves
5-6 sun-dried tomatoes
Coconut oil or olive oil
Half glass orange juice
Rosemary (fresh would be better)
Salt and pepper to taste


Season your fish with salt and pepper while heating up the oil in a non stick pan.
Chop your garlic very finely and thinly slice your tomatoes.
When the pan reaches a medium-high temperature, ease down the rosemary and the fish, skin down. Make sure the oil reaches all surfaces – I love the sizzling and the perfume of rosemary.
Depending on how thick your cut is, only flip the fish half-way through cooking (usually around 5 minutes). Time for the garlic and tomatoes to work their magic. Lay them around the fish and cook for 2 minutes, then pour the orange juice. Baste the fish until the liquid has reduced, for around 5 minutes, being careful not to overcook the fish.
If the fish is ready but the sauce is still a bit too runny for your liking, you can always keep the fish warm on the side and keep reducing the sauce in the pan.
Serve and enjoy.


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